About us

We as a company provide solutions to Physical Retail businesses helping them to automate their time consuming works and run their business with great ease. The products and services we develop now and in coming future, shall give great support to business management to achieve the target with limiting their brain to strategies rather than businesses operations. Our constant research about the problems faced by budding startups to Multi level businesses in maintaining their businesses, shall give innovative solutions using electronics and software technologies. The design and development of our products and services that considering all major sector of businesses, can be easily understood by a lay man with little knowledge of technology. We believe in developing the automation power solutions to business world where our name derived from "business + World = busivold", in order to help the business like an additional hand, with all respect to human capabilities and emotions. We believe businesses only runs the country and provide great oppurtunity to future and better life to consumers and inturn the country.

- Busivold Team